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Jennifer began her work in the animal field in 2011 at Park Animal Hospital in Norwalk, CT. She quickly found her passion was working with animals and technology, and the Veterinary field was the perfect marriage of those interests. In 2014 she began working for Orange Veterinary Hospital and became Client Services Manager. In 2017 she helped transition Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital into it's new location and soon became Practice Manager. Jennifer has a soft spot for rescue cats, and has two of her own. She has Amelia Pond who is a sassy tabby with a bob tail, and Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, a.k.a. bean, a very sweet one-eyed kitty. Both cats were rescued from the West Haven Animal Shelter. Jennifer likes to spend her time with family, reading, and most importantly hanging out with her cats.

Client Services Representatives


Scott began working with animals at a very young age. He started his journey with animals back in 2004. He started working with All Pets Club in 2006, where his passion of  working with canines, felines, exotics and aquatics started. He continued his passion in the animal field in 2012 at Pet Supplies Plus of Orange and Westport where he was the Store Team Leader. In 2019, he decided to switch gears and joined the team at Shore Haven Veterinary hospital as a Client Service Representative.  Scott is the proud owner of  seven dogs- four pugs, two puggles and a Lhasa Apso. He also has five cats, a parrot, small animals, fish and reptiles, as well as chickens. When Scott is not at work he likes to spend time with his family and friends, catching up on favorite shows and of course spending it with his wonderful pets which are members of his family. 


Valerie feels that she was born with a strong passion and empathy for animals. She started working with animals in 2014 and had a special interest in pocket pets! She began her journey in the veterinary field as a receptionist in August 2019 at Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital. If she had to list all of her pets it would be a novel! But she has three dogs, Ziggy, Baby and Benji. She has two cats, Twigs and Simba. She had one bird, Sinatra, and a whole menagerie of small pets she had rescued! In her spare time she loves spending my time with my family, friends and animals .


Missy has always been absolutely bananas over animals. She finds absolute bliss in helping both animals, and people. When not answering phone calls and petting all her favorite pups, she loves watching artsy flicks, walking around multiple major metropolis areas, and going thrifting. She is lucky enough to be blessed to share living space with her two kitties Mohito & Leary. She also spends a lot of time staring at her bunny lovingly named Macho Man Randy Savage. Pictured is Missy with one of her favorite daycare dogs- Maximus Prime.


Aleyshka has always had a special spot in her heart for animals. She began her journey in the veterinary field in 2018 at the Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital. She started as a receptionist, eventually she helped as a veterinary technician assistant, gaining more knowledge. In 2019 she decided to expand her knowledge by joining Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine where she worked as a client liaison. There she acquired emergency and specialty knowledge. Wanting to continue to learn she recently joined our team at Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital. She has two cats of her own. Panther is a very feisty, moody, not so friendly male Bombay cat. Then there’s Yoda, a timid, heart warming tabby Abyssinian cat.


Taylor grew up in a multi-pet household and was obsessed with animals well before the advent of cat memes. Her family never had fewer than three pets at a time, once reaching a peak of 6, and has owned cats, dogs, fish, budgies, rats, and shrimp. Taylor began working as a customer service representative in retail, but found a home in pet care as first a bather, then a doggie daycare supervisor, and as a shelter tech. She was finally able to combine her love of helping others with her desire to work with animals as a client service representative here at Shore Haven! Taylor enjoys writing stories, reading nonfiction, and watching horror movies in her spare time. She currently lives with her two cats, Scoot and Smoky, who she raised from kittens, and her 8-year-old rescue chihuahua, Cece, affectionately referred to as "The Goblin."

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