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Mickey started working with animals right out of high school, and began at Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital as a kennel technician. After a year of doing tremendous work in the kennel, he was promoted to supervisor. Mickey is particularly interested in dog training, animal behavior, and observing surgical procedures. He likes to spend his time outside of work watching films, exploring museums and finding new interests. He has quite the menagerie at home, including his two dogs Anakin and Achilles, two cats Trout & Nixon and three leopard geckos.



Francine Wheeler is our lead groomer at Shore Haven Veterinary hospital. She got into grooming after raising her three sons and was looking to see what she might do when she decided to go to grooming school . After school she opened my own business, Poochie's Parlor in Branford. She served her very loyal clients for 11 years before merging with Shore Haven Veterinary Hostpial, where she has been since November of 2019. She feels lucky to be able to do what she loves and to work with a fabulous group of people. She has four dogs and one cat. She love spending time with them and her family (especially her two beautiful granddaughters).


Ineabelle started working animals in 2017 as a Grooming Assistant. She worked for a short time with Francine at Poochie's Parlor, and then PetSmart. She decided that she wanted to improve her skills and become a full-time Groomer. Ineabelle has two dogs, Baird and Zelda. Baird is a Labrador retriever who is a big goof ball, who is vert smart but often leaves Inny wondering! Zelda is a Maltese who is also very smart, but uses her smarts to be sassy and act like a princess. Inny is also an artist, and specializes in digital media. She also likes to spend her time playing video games.

Kennel Technicians


Mortimer formally delved into animal care in his college years, where he transitioned from walking pets and staying overnights to a kennel attendant for a doggy daycare in South Carolina. Since then, he has moved to Connecticut and pursued his passion and interest with animals in several different environments – from dog walker, to groomer's apprentice, to shelter work, he has gained different perspectives of animal behavior in different fields and plans to continue building on his knowledge base as he works under Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital. His goal is to eventually train to become a groomer. Outside of work, he likes creative hobbies, table top gaming, collecting enamel pins, and thriller films. A staunch animal lover, Mortimer enjoys a variety of creatures, and it reflects in the types of pets he keeps at home: his two dogs (Zoe and Chestnut), his two cats (Cat and Loaf), along with a pac man frog (Clementine), two leopard geckos (Nubbins and Dumpling), and more recently two Halloween crabs (Rutabaga and Parsnip).


Lexie’s compassion for animals started as a child when she would bring animals home from off the street. Her admirable determination to help aggressive animals is what makes her shine. There is no such thing as a bad in her eyes, just an animal that needs compassion and a loving hand. She currently has 3 rescue cats at home - one that’s perfectly healthy, one that has 3 legs and one that has diabetes. When boarding with Shore Haven, if Lexie checks you in - she’ll make sure every question is answered and you are put at ease weather it’s making phone calls to let you know how your fur baby is doing, or sending hundreds of photos and videos to you from her personal line.


Ashley’s passion for animals begin as a little girl, constantly bringing home every stray animal she found - from kittens to garter snakes. She began volunteering at West Haven Animal Clinic in high school for the experience and quickly knew that working in a Veterinary hospital felt like home. Ashley has 3 pets of her own - an Oscar fish, a polydactyl black cat named Creature, and a Pitbull named Dahlia who began her passion to becoming an advocate for the breed. Ashley’s hobbies include - fishing, car shows, photography, and road trips. 


Theresa started working with animals in 2007 where she started as a dog bather, and she immediately fell in love with the animal field. In 2011 she moved into directly working with dogs in the kennel. She currently does not have any pets of her own, but is looking forward to adopting. In her spare time she loves to cook and spend time with her 4 year old son.


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Parker began working in middle school as a volunteer at the East Haven Animal Shelter, and became a part of our kennel team in 2017. He currently attends Eastern Connecticut State University where he is majoring in Physical Therapy. He has three dogs, Maggie & Rosie, two very cuddly English Setters, and Mickey, a connoisseur of food. In his spare time he enjoys running and spending his time outdoors.

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