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The Animal Inn

The Animal Inn is a medical dog boarding facility and cat boarding facility located at Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital. Accommodations are only available to diabetic dogs and to feline boarders.

Our pet boarding facility was designed with your pet's comfort, health, and safety in mind. Our upscale accommodations are designed to promote serene sleep and sweet dreaming. With each night of boarding, we provide plush beds and unlimited room refreshes. Your pet will be fed as you instruct us, using your own pet food or our supply of premium pet food. Medicine will be administered by our professional veterinary staff. Your dog will receive two to three play sessions per day, indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).

Cats are also welcome to board at the Animal Inn. Working with feline specialists, we have devised the ideal environment for our feline guests. Our intimate kitty condos provide plenty of space, privacy, and comfort. Of course, our cat care specialists know just how to give kitty cuddles, which are included with every cat boarding stay.

Your pet's well-being is a top priority at Shore Haven Veterinary Hospital. Their health and comfort will constantly be attended to and monitored during your pet's entire stay. We have many experienced pet care professionals as well as veterinarians on premise.

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